Our Team

Emil Aivazian

Co-Owner/Head Coach

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience having coached in 4 CrossFit boxes over the last 5 years. As a committed CrossFit Coach, my mission has always been to provide quality coaching and an inclusive community of individuals who thrive on having fun, supporting one another and acknowledging everyone’s achievements. I remain motivated in continuing these principles to ensure that everyone feels valued, included, supported and happy whilst getting fit in the process!

Tristan Miles


The reason I got involved with a CrossFit box in terms of ownership was based 100% on CrossFit community, the people who went to our gym, and the spirit of it all. Training of course is also very important to me but ultimately it’s the people that has driven me to want to provide a fun and friendly place for people to train, whilst working towards reaching their goals – whether that be competitive CrossFit or personal health and fitness goals.

Nicola Ripley

Nutrition Specialist/Personal Trainer
  • Level 4 Nutrition Specialist: Specialises in Sports Nutrition
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Behaviour Change Coach

With a background of previously working within the fitness and leisure industry, I have always had a passion for supporting others to make positive changes in life. My love of ‘all things nutrition’ grew to the next level in more recent years when I saw the important role it played, not only in my own, but in other’s health, fitness and body composition too. Building on my Personal Training Qualifications, I qualified as a Level 4 Nutrition Specialist and Behaviour Change Coach, giving me the tools needed to support clients to understand the ‘whys’ of nutrition and develop healthy nutritional habits to reach their desired goals.

I have Coached a variety of clients with differing goals: weight loss, building lean muscle mass or adopting better eating habits and a healthier relationship with food overall, to name a few. My mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve their goals through fuelling their bodies the right way for them and their lifestyle. I believe that taking small, simple steps leads to consistency, which in turn, leads to better results. This is put into daily practice within my coaching, giving every client achievable, long lasting results!

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